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Mumbai beautiful Gilrz brings to you the most authentic Bollywood escorts in Mumbai with highly reasonable rates. You have the duration varying from two hours to as long as the full night depending on your stamina and needs.

The high profile escorts Bollywood Escorts in Mumbai who give you the company for the said duration are fully conversant with the requirements. They are excellent performers and adept in the art of taking care of their customers.

The clients, who pay the large sum of money to avail the top of the charts “explosive” service, need nothing short of extraordinary thrill and fun.

The Bollywood Escorts in Mumbai, who look so pretty on the screen, turn up in stunning attires and looking exceptionally beautiful when they meet their clients in the five star hotels. The customer is totally overwhelmed with the beautiful damsel in front of him.

You can imagine how it feels when you have the on screen diva, giving you company in real life. It is totally an out of the world situation.

Depending on the time available with the Mumbai Bollywood escort, the next few hours are an experience of a lifetime for the client.

Many a times the clients are so overawed by the situation that the Bollywood actress has to take the charge to bring him back to the normal state. We do not blame the clients, because this is something which will happen to any normal human being.

If you cannot handle so much excitement we recommend that you go for the “sizzling” or “electrifying” services. They are also equally hot, but here you meet the celebrity escorts or the top notch model escorts of Mumbai.

These high class escorts come to you from the TV serial actresses, fashion show performers, and the glamour world of advertisement models. You will need a lot of energy to handle the charming and enchanting Bollywood Escorts in Mumbai.

We sincerely hope that you are able to find the right service and the escort type matching to your need and requirement. If you need the escorts for a short duration you can take the “starter”, “specific” or the “general service.”

However, the clients desiring the full night sojourn can go in for the “complete” service. Here you get the added advantage of moving around the city with your VIP escort Mumbai. You can use the time for shopping, dining, playing, and dancing to name a few possibilities.

The clients who are particular about the photographs of the model escorts before they select one can go in for the “picture perfect” service.

The terms begin to change from here onwards as you are required to make the 70% advance payments and check into 3 star hotels or above. The TV serial artists, glamorous fashion models, celebrities and Bollywood escorts meet the clients in 5 star hotels only.

Bollywood Escorts

The city of Mumbai and the craze for the Mumbai escorts.

India is a diverse country with a huge landmass and an ever increasing population. You will find a number of states with different dialects and cultures.

The people are Indian but there is a regional impact on their lives. With so much variation people try find the goods and services to their liking. Every city in the country has developed some attractive features.

Mumbai has plenty of these features and the Bollywood Escorts in Mumbai escorts’ service in Mumbai happens to be one of them. You will find the female escorts in other cities also, but nothing comes even close to the high profile escorts of Mumbai. They are a class apart and way ahead of any competition in the country.

Mumbai escort services is one of the leading escort services in Mumbai. You can look forward to an exhilarating experience when you avail the escort services from us. From the time of your first phone call, to the end of the time booked with the Bollywood Escorts in Mumbai you are likely to enjoy every bit of it. The services are courteous and very supportive.

The staff will listen to your requirement and assist you in the selection of the right Mumbai escort. Once you are satisfied with the selection, they will put you across to the coordinator for the rates finalization. The process is very simple and well streamlined.

Meeting the model escort

Once the deal is finalized you can look forward to meeting the VIP escort Mumbai. The meeting can be arranged at your hotel if it is in our approved list or you will be given a nearby address where you can meet the high profile Mumbai escort.

We get two types of responses from the clients for this meeting. The experienced clients are quite anxious for meeting the independent lady escort but the new comers are a bit nervous. They sometimes do not know how to handle the situation. But it is not a cause of worry. The model escorts know how to take care of both types of clients.

The experienced customers

The Bollywood Escorts in Mumbai make a solid entry into the room of the experienced client. Needless to say the clients are eagerly waiting for her so that they can watch the attractive diva in full bloom.

They do get a treat for their eyes. The stunning celebrity escort may walk in blue denims with a self-design cream top, high heels and a sling bag. Her hairs are falling straight to her shoulders. The escorts are extremely good looking and even with simple western dresses like this they can leave you captivated.

The new comers

It is quite natural for the new comers to the Mumbai escort services to feel a bit nervous. It is a natural phenomenon and we have no qualms about it. The high profile Mumbai escorts are quick to gauge the client.

They are trained in the art of subtly handling the clients and are able to easily manage the situation. Their first job is to calm the nerves of the client and they do it with a warm hug or a peck on the cheek of the client.

What more does the client need? He not only likes the welcome gesture but also gets a confidence boost. The smart lady has done her job and handed the baton to the client to take over.


The meeting with the celebrity escort calls for a celebration. Unless you are going on a drive, the best way to celebrate is to order drinks; wine, vodka or gin for the lady and whisky or rum for yourself.  Enjoy the drinks with the charming and beautiful lady.

As you sip the drink engage her in a discussion. Whatever subject you choose, you will find that the independent model escort has a good knowledge. They are generally aware of the current happenings in India and abroad and can discuss a lot on the Bollywood movies and TV serials.

This also gives you a chance to closely examine your companion from head to toe. It will give you lots of realization about her real beauty.

Celebrity escorts Mumbai

We have a team of Mumbai high profile escorts to provide you the service that you need. The team consists of professional escorts who can relentlessly take care of your desires, whims and fancies. All the model escorts are aged between twenty to forty years of age. It is easy for you to find college girls, independent women, TV serial artists, fashion models, dancing divas, housewives, and celebrities to cater to your requirements.

If you happen to watch the gallery you will find the Mumbai escorts in the seductress role. In real life the escorts in Mumbai are very cautious about their physique and fitness.

They know and practice the latest fashion trends doing the rounds in the tinsel town. You will always find them immaculately dressed and poised. They have that innate ability to carry themselves well under any circumstances.

As far as the training is concerned the model escorts Mumbai undergo a two year training program before they can qualify to provide the services to the clients.

The curriculum covers theory as well as practical classes on the various aspects of customer care and handling. They are taught human psychology, marketing techniques, yoga and acupressure to name a few. The VIP escorts Mumbai appear for practical tests and written exams in order to qualify as a certified escort.

All our hi-profile escorts Mumbai are technology savvy. They have access to the internet on their smartphones or their laptops.

They are well versed with the latest developments and current news items. Also they keep track of the latest fashion trends and keep themselves in line with what is in and what is out of fashion.

They are aware of the latest Bollywood movies and songs that are popular and getting a high rating. If you engage the Bollywood escorts in a discussion you will notice how sharp and witty they are.

Thus, you can see for yourself how much we prepare the Mumbai escorts before they are ready for you. Needless to say with so much groundwork preparation we are able to provide you with the best of Mumbai celebrity escorts and also exceptionally good escort services to back it up.

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