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Indian nationals have a weakness for foreign goods and people. They have the special liking for the white skin. They approach us with the very specific demand for a Russian, Australian, Spaniard, English, or an American escort. Well, we have the foreign escorts with us to make your search task simple.

Like this demand for foreign stuff, many of our customers who had the chance to be on a flight or have heard about the smart and beautiful air hostesses cannot resist the temptation to get one for their company. We fully support them in their quest and ensure that they are able to fulfil their desire.

Glamour attracts a lot of people and the human mind has no bounds when it starts to fantasize. We also give full leeway to the clients to get their fantasies converted to reality. They have the full evening and night with them to achieve their goal. They are free to take the take the high profile Mumbai escort with them to the beauty parlour and the shopping malls to get her dressed to their liking.

They may insist on facials, pedicure, manicure and a classy hairdo or select the western dresses with a figure enhancing lingerie for her to wear. We do not interfere with the choice of the clients so far as it is safe for the model escort and does not cause any hurt to her. So go ahead and make the most of your fantasy plan.

Foreign Models
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